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Bodhrán bag / soft case


When transporting your bodhrán, this site offers a bodhrán bag (soft case)



The Bag

Made from strong material, has the following design features:-

- It has a strong handle and backstrap, both of which have been well tested over these past 15 years.
- All the fittings are metal except the zip.
- The zip opens 3/4s of the circumference for easy access.
- it has the pocket internally for safekeeping of stuff, fastened at the top with a velcro strip.
- The bag has adequate padding, and will give the same protection as the heftier, without the weight.

- Designed with air travel in mind, the bag folds perfectly flat (see photo below) taking up 3/4" space. The idea is to lay the bag flat into your clothes case, lay the bodhrán skin-down on the bag, then pack your clothes around the bodhrán. Sticks are also packed elsewhere in the clothes case, away from the drum. Thus, when going through airports, you check it in, and have nothing to carry. Most people find this a brilliant feature, and utterly safe. No customs hassle with sticks or tools, which otherwise can be confiscated.
- A further feature, should you prefer to take it on board… It fits the regulation size for hand luggage, and can be used as a weekend bag. The cost is a very reasonable £20. The low cost does not sacrifice quality in any part.










Original bodhrán box design circa early '80s, at the Belfast Folk Festival. Example of how useful this bodhrán box is for a seat during an "impromtu session". Gerry O'Connor (fiddle), Marcas Ó Murchú (flute) and Seamus O'Kane (bodhrán).

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