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Martin Meehan, born 1977 hails from Manchester. Both Angela Durkan and Michael McGoldrick taught him as a young child and had a profound effect on his future development as a musician. Martin moved from Manchester to County Armagh in 1988 and his flute playing was sculpted by the tuition of the late Peg Needham. His music at this early stage became further enhanced by an eclectic bunch of players such as Brian Finnegan and Niall Vallely, who are renowned for pushing the boundaries in Irish traditional music with their progressive approach. This was an exciting time for traditional music in Armagh and Martin was at the heart of it! He has a Master's Degree in music from Queeen's University Belfast and has performed all over the world both in a solo and group capacity, appearing on radio and television. He has featured in a myriad of festivals. Acts he has collaborated with are; Liam Ó Maonlaí, Arty McGlynn, Seamie O’Dowd, Dónal O’Connor, Bothy Band Tribute Band, Future Trad Collective, North Cregg, Tim Edey and Bríd Harper.

Martin’s long awaited second album delivers energy and melodic revelry in a well weighted Northern musical punch, as Martin creates a poignant yet thrilling journey for the listener. Like every good story this album conveys both emotional highs and lows. It harks back to the ancient plains of Ireland and points to the Celtic shores of foreign lands. Featuring solid earthy timbre, multi-layering and blending of flutes, the album reveals Martin’s outstanding musicality and uniqueness. Accompanying musicians are intertwined so intimately, it is as though they are all drawing inspiration from the same source; a feat not easily achieved for a solo album. The Fox’s Lament embodies the living tradition which is constant, vibrant and rooted so firmly in the heart of this County Armagh flute player.

The Fox's Lament

“Martin is a true man of music. I had the pleasure of touring with him in 2009. It was a dream come true playing with a traditional band and it was Martin who pulled it together. I have a mental image of him as he played through two hours of our great music. There is a sense of focus in his playing. He aims and reaches. The flute is an important voice in our music. An element. Martin Meehan knows this and is a custodian of what is passed from generation to generation in a majestic reflection of what is. Our DNA is in this music and this music is in our DNA. Go maire tú a dheartháir. I look forward to more.”
- Liam Ó Maonlaí

Three's Company

“What first hits you about Martin Meehan's playing is the seamingly effortless flow of the music. He always producesa abig full sound and this coupled with a rare musical imagination makes compelling listening. Martin makes every tune his own and it is this ability to, as it ere, recompose a tune each time round that defines the essence of traditional music. This CD will establish Martin as a major force in the world of flute playing and I know that this CD will play and play and give endless delight and inspiration to all who hear it.”
- Brian Vallely

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