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Colin Farrell was born in Manchester in 1977 into what was to become a very musical family. All of Colin's four siblings are multi-talented musicians, holding both All-Britain and All-Ireland titles in the various array of instrumets they play. Colin's older brother Paul, is also an excellent fiddle player and also holds an All-Ireland placement in the mandolin. Colin's eldest sister Michelle is an accomplished accordion player and also holds an All-Ireland title on the piano, whilst younger brother Shane is a banjo virtuoso and All-Ireland fiddle champion to boot. Colin's youngest sister Adele holds All-Ireland titles on the tin whistle, piano, accordian, mandolin... (just about every instrument under the sun) while Colin himself holds All -Ireland titles in both the fiddle and tin whistle.

The Manchester Irish traditional music scene has been in existence for over sixty years and undergone many changes. Today Manchester has one of the most vibrant Irish traditional music scenes outside of Ireland, possibly the best. The City has an exceptionally high number of very talented musicians most of whom are second and third generation Irish. Many got their music from their parents but also took lessons from older musicians. In this way there is a continuity consistent with the notion of a living tradition founded on oral transmission.

Colin was influenced in his playing by great (still young) musicians such as Michael McGoldrick and Dezi Donnelly, and would also be close friends of musicians of high calibre such as: Eamonn Dinan (Button Accordion), Colin Harries (Guitar), Jon-Joe Kelly (Bodhrán), Geraldine Lyons (Banjo), Keiron Atherton (Whistle), Grace Kelly (whistle), Ged Stenson (Flute/Whistle), Kevin Madden (Fiddle), Andrew Dinan (Fiddle), Sean Regan (Fiddle), Shane Brown (Banjo), Brendan Dempsey (Banjo), but to name a few.

Colin has toured Europe and the USA extensively from a young with various bands and dance shows and has recorded albums with his former band Ceile including Machunian Way... More later...